Marty Levenson has created a private practice in art therapy that reflects his own values and style of working. Most of his clients engage in an individual, long term process of healing, using art, dreams, family-of-origin work, and a connection to their sense of journey. Being male, Marty often attracts both women and men working with issues regarding masculinity and absent or abusive fathers.
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Both his own therapy and his post-graduate thesis involved extensive dream work, so his sessions often include exploration of the client's relationship to their dreams. His clients, about half of whom are men, come to therapy for a variety of reasons that range from loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, and addiction to working on relationships, or seeking renewed life meaning.

Approaching art therapy after a career in visual arts, and a brief stint as a scenic painter in the film industry, Marty has blended his art therapy career with his background in art. He has developed a side business creating business cards, brochures, and web sites for art (and other) therapists. He enjoys the collaborative evolution of finding the right image to represent each therapist's unique practice.


Marty Levenson
registered art therapist,

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Marty Levenson, ba, dvati, bcatr, registered art therapist

....graduated from the post graduate program at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, and is in his 29th year of seeing clients. As well as extensive academics, the program included 700 hours of practica experience at a drug and alcohol clinic, a family services agency, work with adolescents at an alternative high school and work with children at an elementary school. His thesis was titled "Giving Form to the Invisible: A Phenomenological Examination of the Use of Dreams in Art Therapy."

Marty works individually with children and adults on issues including personal development, sexual abuse, abandonment, grief, anxiety, addiction, and depression. He teaches at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and the at the Adlerian School for Professional Psychology. Marty is also a holistic contractor for the Orchard Recovery Center on Bowen Island. He was co-founder of the art therapy program at the Aboriginal Headstart Preschool in East Vancouver.

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